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Movavi Photo Manager 1.2.0 (x64) Multilingual

Movavi Photo Manager 1.2.0 (x64) Multilingual Movavi Photo Manager Want to know how to organize photos into folders easily? This new photo organizing software from Movavi for Windows and Mac will help you save time managing your digital image collection. Download our desktop photo assistant and see for yourself how easy it is to manage the images in your gallery! Movavi’s Photo Management Software This program will help you manage your entire photo collection, including images in RAW, JPEG, PNG, and many other formats. Movavi’s photo organizer will be an essential tool for anyone who values their time as much as their photo collection. Automatic Album Creation Movavi’s photo organizer will automatically sort your images by date and GPS coordinates. Photo Tagging Add tags to image files using Movavi’s picture organizer so you can easily navigate around your photo library. Geolocation Review the automatically created photo albums sorted by country. Filter images in these albums by city. Edit images Work with individual photos or edit multiple photos simultaneously: crop, flip, and rotate images, straighten horizons, and more. View pictures View photos in many popular image formats using Movavi’s fast and reliable picture organizer. Traveling Easily find pictures in your photo library that were taken in a particular city or country. Family Get-togethers Tag images to sort them by event. Add the best pictures to your favorites. Professional Photography Manage, view, and edit photos using Movavi’s organizing system. System Requirements: – Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10 64-bit with up-to-date patches and service packs installed – Intel®, AMD®, or compatible dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz – Intel® HD Graphics 2000, NVIDIA® GeForce® series 8 and 8M, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX 5600, AMD Radeon™ R600, Mobility Radeon™ HD 4330, Mobility FirePro™ series, Radeon™ R5 M230 or higher graphics card with up-to-date drivers – 1280 × 768 screen resolution, 32-bit color – 2 GB RAM – 500 MB available hard disk space for installation, 1 GB for ongoing operations – Administrator permissions are required for installation – Unfortunately, correct processing of large image files with dimensions greater than 6000×8000 pixels cannot be guaranteed. Whats new in Version 1.2 (March 14, 2019) The “Similar photos” tab: view, edit, or delete similar pictures detected by the program. Added the duplicates finder function: find and remove duplicate photos in two clicks. Use the “Before / after” mode to compare the original photo with the edited version. Use hotkeys to work faster. Adjust the image size in preview mode. Rename tags and set your preferred icons. Improved image search. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Homepage:

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